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Tamar Mastering offers Audio Enhancement and Restoration for Law Enforcement Agencies, Prosecuting Attorneys, District Attorneys, Defense Attorneys and the General Public. Through outboard gear and computer software every effort is made to bring the detail out of every recording whether it be on an audiocassette, micro-cassette or reel-to-reel- AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Fast turnaround is essential in our relationship with the legal profession.

What is Forensic Audio?

The art of forensic audio encompasses many things, including audio enhancement and tampering.
Audio Enhancement:

With Audio Enhancement we primarily do noise reduction. This is the most popular request at our studio. We remove hiss, hum, clicks, pops, buzz, camera or other device noises, and all other audio disturbances using adaptive filters. Parametric equalizers, Harmonic filters, Adaptive filters for tonal noises, Impulse noises filter, Dynamic filters (weak signal amplifying/weakening, strong signal weakening-), Anti-reverberation filters as well as a wealth of other forensic software which are used to clarify a recording.


With our edit tracking software, we are able to spot evidence of tape editing and tampering. Recordings that show evidence of editing, alteration, or omission will automatically be flagged by the machine; it is at that point that the engineer will check step by step each flagged location and confirm whether there has been any possible signs of tampering.